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Custom widgets

Trinity comes with 8 custom widgets. The theme has 7 widgetized areas across the theme where you can enable them. You can use them on your business home page, footer, and sidebar. The name of the widgets are listed below.

1. Custom Twitter widget
2.Custom Video widget
3.Custom Flickr widget
4.Custom mini-blog widget
5.Custom Banner ad(125px) widget
6.Custom Banner ad (300px) widget
7.Custom social bookmark widget
8.Custom testimonial widgets


Custom Twitter widget

Custom Twitter widget allows you to embed your twitter feeds on your site. The widget is very handy and easy to enable. You have the option to enter your widget title,  twitter id , number of tweets to display and a follow link text.

Custom Video widget

The video widget allows you to easily embed a  video to your theme widgets section. The setup is very simple. All you need to do is give a title for the widget, paste your video embed code, and give a description text.

Custom Flickr widget


The flickr widget allows to display a thumbnail gallery from your flickr feed. The setup is simple.  You can enter the flickr Id from which you want to pull the images and also adjust the number of images and its settings.


Custom miniblog widget

This is an interesting and useful widget. This allows you to pull a list of your recent posts with the title and thumbnail in a neat manner. You can adjust the number of posts to be displayed from the widget


Banner ads widgets








The banner ads widget lets you manage the different advertizement banners you would like to display on your site. You can configure 125×125 px banners and 300×250 banners through the widget.

Social bookmark widget

Social bookmark widget lets you select and display some of the major social network icon links on your template.


Custom testimonial widget

This widget allows you to display a neat user testimonial section on your site.